ONE31 : Application
System planning and consulting for ONE31 channel with their application that resulted in an increasing rate of users. We have laid the foundation for the application and website efficiently working together, therefore meeting the needs of the brand and its users that led to the highest number of
downloads in the history of ONE31.
GMM25 : Application
GMM 25 is a digital TV channel which has organised many activities between the platform and the users. We have consulted and established the system for registration or form filling in the application and the website for all of the channel’s activities. This helps maximise their efficiency
in both short-term and long-term.
9ENTERTAIN (MCOT) : Application
9ENTERTAIN (MCOT) Online-Voting Management System, we help transform traditional into future where data are important asset. We turn SMS business into Global Fanclub data and generate online revenues. We also help transform organization from the inside with workshop and consulting session to make let peoples not only understand but be able to create new value to the organization. Within 2 weeks of launch date, we get 135,205 registered account and 3M+ Online Votes from all of the world.
AIS Lucky : Website
AIS Lucky website Data Integrated Service, We help accelerate business where future is flexible and adaptive. We make many micro solution and make integrated service and adaptation with fast deployment while gathering data asset for business. With one of the example where we provide solutions to sourcing number and automatic grading quality of number also with content to help support it, so not only we provide technology applying but also adding new value to the products where create more than 350M+ values from the past 7 years.
WHITEFILX : Application & Website
Whiteflix We help create digital asset and setup future business model with fully integrating OTT platform ,staring from consulting for all process from start to launch with integrated with multiple platform provider. Where we integrating Alibaba Cloud services to make this website ready to expanding not only to local but also to the global market.
Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) : Application
Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) We help build new tools for rubber planters to keep up with daily rubber price that are very adaptive and where Rubber Authority of Thailand’s mission is to help planters get the most accurate information. Instead of getting SMS daily, we create reliable and accurate information hub of every rubber's market price index. Not only information, there are also knowledge hub and other services from ROAT in the application. ROAT get all information of the dashboard of users and knowing their rubber planters information.