“Knowing people and knowing ourselves. We will win a hundred battles without losing.” ‘Knowing people’ means insight into target groups, and reaching consumers at the right time and place is the most important aspect of brands or products as well as sale volume. That is, however, not enough for us, as ‘Knowing ourselves’ is equally important. It means the understanding of brands or products from their perspective, and also from target groups’ perspectives, in order to ensure effective online marketing.

Wellington College: Creative VDO EN>>TH
A famous international school with a long history in the UK and several branches in different countries has came to Thailand. In order to show the identity and the charm of Wellington College as well as its curriculum that focuses on pupils’ interests, we came up with a video that is able to express the school’s heritage and its curriculum
in an English style to make it appealing.
This Shop : Creative VDO CH>>TH
A shopping application from China, that needs to expand to the Thai market has its own unique selling point. That is the credit card-free instalment policy. We therefore came up with a campaign called “Easy installment, get authentic goods.” to bring in new information for Thai people, in order to get to know and build the brand’s reliability.
Onitsuka : Media influencer JP>>TH
A leading shoe brand in Japan needs to introduce its latest model. Di has combined Creative jobs with Influencers to create a trend. This uses interests in Lifestyle and Fashion, to develop widespread awareness on popular platforms like Instagram, and great PR on different platforms.
Tiktok: Online Campaign CH>>TH
An important strategy in which Youtubers are invited to create interest in the Big Mountain music festival, a very popular event to Thai teenagers. It had a great impact on Short Video Platforms like Tiktok – a highly popular application from China. As a result, Tiktok introduced this project as a case study at TechSauce Global Summit 2019.
Omi: Online Campaign CH>>TH
It was the first launch in Thailand. We were in charge of managing influencers and Youtubers to create the trend. It then became a popular application in Top Search and Top Download.
HIK Vision : Activation CH>>TH
Their big launching event was a first-time cooperation between HIK Vision and Di. The event suited HIK Vision as a leading company from China. We offered a One Stop Service to meet all the needs of HIK Vision.