“Knowing people and knowing ourselves. We will win a hundred battles without losing.” ‘Knowing people’ means insight into target groups, and reaching consumers at the right time and place is the most important aspect of brands or products as well as sale volume. That is, however, not enough for us, as ‘Knowing ourselves’ is equally important. It means the understanding of brands or products from their perspective, and also from target groups’ perspectives, in order to ensure effective online marketing.

With our campaign, we need to shoot on location to find the inspiration from beekeepers and the agriculture that harmonised with the client’s principle as a business for society. As a result, we came up with the campaign called “We nurture the bees. The bees nurture us.” that can reach the hearts of their target audience, without conflicting their understanding of the brand. Instead, it elicits new knowledge about the invaluableness of honey
through life and sharing.
A long historical youth football tournament organised by Coke, the world-leading carbonated drink. It has created an online trend for sport content relating to national football teams, as well as famous football players, and those who have competed in this tournament. The brand personality has never faded, so sport content and branding can support each other, receiving great acknowledgement from the online society.
Rebranding Dhurakij Pundit University perceived as a traditional university by the Education industry, to one that moves with the times and sees the importance of reskilling in the age of AI. We have used Advertainment campaign to launch DPUX – the latest programme of the faculty. It is a mixture of entertainment and technology that fits perfectly with education.
CIBA : Online Campaign
An international course of the Department of Marketing, Dhurakij Pundit University. The campaign is a perfect combination of Influencers, Music and Platform in Real-time approach, that quickly gained a high level of impressions that lands inside of high-schooler group, which is the target audience of CIBA.
ONE31 : Application
System planning and consulting for ONE31 channel with their application that resulted in an increasing rate of users. We have laid the foundation for the application and website efficiently working together, therefore meeting the needs of the brand and its users that led to the highest number of
downloads in the history of ONE31.
GMM25 : Application
GMM 25 is a digital TV channel which has organised many activities between the platform and the users. We have consulted and established the system for registration or form filling in the application and the website for all of the channel’s activities. This helps maximise their efficiency
in both short-term and long-term.