“Knowing people and knowing ourselves. We will win a hundred battles without losing.” ‘Knowing people’ means insight into target groups, and reaching consumers at the right time and place is the most important aspect of brands or products as well as sale volume. That is, however, not enough for us, as ‘Knowing ourselves’ is equally important. It means the understanding of brands or products from their perspective, and also from target groups’ perspectives, in order to ensure effective online marketing.

Commando MM : FB Management
This online content project requires insight into Burmese and their behaviours, to be communicated through a Thai brand like Commando, which has exported to many countries around the world. Our content team with the participation of Burmese ensures that our content really fits the Burmese’s mindset. This is proved by the success in bringing the Commando Energy page to Top 3 in the Energy Drink category in Myanmar within a year.
Commando VN : FB Management
After being able to manage the Commando Myanmar page, we have gained the trust from our client which leads to another challenge. That is to create Branding via Facebook management in Vietnam. With Vietnamese in our team, we possess a deep understanding of Vietnamese and their behaviors.
Ballad : TH-CH Creative VDO
Quality bedding products of Thailand expanded to the Chinese market. A marketing communication strategy was executed to show the quality of Thai products that is trusted by Chinese people. By having Miss Thailand as a presenter and the communication more than just functional marketing, our communication became complete, perfectly combining
Functional, Emotional and Branding.